helsing hellhounds mc


"I knew some of the members wanted to be like other clubs, like human clubs- with old ladies tagging around wearing property jackets and being available for quickies anytime the need struck. But that wasn’t our way, wasn’t our life. Having an Old Lady meant you trusted them, one hundred fucking percent, to have the club’s back, to represent the club, to not betray the club.

We couldn’t give trust away like that, not with the war we were fighting, not with how much weaker we’d gotten over the decades.

But, fuck, I missed Margo. I missed what it meant to have a woman in my bed. The way it felt inside her body; the way it felt to be loved, not for what I was, but for who I was outside the club, outside my life’s mission. I wasn’t one of the men discovered by the finder. I was born into this life, it was my birthright. Fucking Van Helsing was my ancestor. You didn’t get stronger ties to the brotherhood than that. So I was branded a Hellhound from the very beginning. From the second I took a breath outside my mother’s womb, my future was set.


Margo, for a moment in time, made me believe I could be something more."

-Abe Helsing