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The Magnolia Diaries

Magnolia Diaries 1

Magnolia Diaries 1

Magnolia Diares 2

Magnolia Diares 2

Magnolia Diaries 3

Magnolia Diaries 3


     With university graduation around the corner, Magnolia Deville is clueless about where to move and what to do with her life next. What’s worse, she has absolutely no money saved to secure an apartment, so she definitely needs a job first. But she can’t exactly move to a strange city and live in her car until she’s snagged a paycheck.

     Magnolia knows she only has one choice… and it’s not exactly a pleasant one.

     Her grandmother and only living relative, Maribel Hunt, is about as crazy as they come. With wild pink hair, superstitious beliefs, and six black cats, Mari’s always walked to the beat of a very (very) different drum. In fact, Magnolia’s only real memory of her grandmother is her trying to spread cat food on toast and feed it to her for breakfast. Oh… and the drums—those giant bongo things in the living room that she’d beat on at the most random times. Five in the morning. Eleven at night.

     She’d bang, bang, bang them. The woman was seriously bat shit crazy.

     And it’s not just her grandmother Magnolia’s not too keen on either. Literally the entire town of Friendly, Tennessee is made up of folks that should be looney-bin bound.

     Despite her misgivings though, Magnolia moves into her grandmother’s sunflower-colored cottage and sets about taking the pink, frilly guest room straight into ‘grown woman’ territory. And, not too long after that, Magnolia finds herself a job.

     In her quirky grandmother’s vintage store— The Black Cat.

     Spending her days selling random knickknacks to the locals, Magnolia wonders if this is what her life will be from now on- small town boredom and not a decent clothes shop for miles. The only thing her new home has going for it is Simon Frost, the rookie cop who’s as cute as he is clueless.

    But then boredom shifts to disbelief, when Magnolia witnesses what can only be described as a cult sacrifice at the local café. When she begins falling down the rabbit hole, it soon becomes very clear that Friendly, TN isn’t what it appears. The town holds a million secrets.

    And some of them are deadly.

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